Hi! I am Logan Skowronski, and I am a 7th grader and leader of the program “Tech Helpers” at Millennium Middle School in South Lyon, Michigan. I have an extreme passion for technology and I am extremely skilled in website design, computer and software management, and in all Google services.

I’m sure that all of you have had issues with your Student Information System, Google Classroom, Schoology, and much more, so I decided to make this blog to prevent that and give you tips that you can use every day to make your life on the computer a bit easier :).

You can submit suggestions for topics to me by emailing logan@loganslocks.com, skowronskil@lock-tech.net, or lrskowronski@en.lock-tech.net. I would love to hear what you have to say!

Also, comments are open below if you would like to say hello or put a tip of your own out there :). I could use suggestions too (even though I’m not a teacher)!

I hope you find some helpful tips here! Please contact me with any suggestions!

-Logan S.


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